Qualitative Market Research

Emilio muñoz english

As a qualitative expert, I provide services and support for every stage of a qualitative market study: scripts, information-collection and fieldwork, extraction of information, drafting of the report and final presentation to the client.

I use every qualitative research technique that is available to me and constantly update my knowledge and skills in this area. However, the most commonly used techniques continue to be in-depth interviews at home or outside, person-to-person, by telephone or by video-conference (Skype), as well as in discussion groups or mini-groups. Ethnographies are more and more used as well as online communities.

Thanks to my fluent English, German and French and the fact that I also communicate well in Italian, I work with both Spanish and foreign clients and targets. Although I work with every type of target (children, young people, adults, seniors, Spaniards and foreigners, etc.), I specialise in foreign residents in Spain, a market with great potential that does not speak Spanish and can be contacted only in their language. Consequently, I can do fieldwork and draft reports in the required language.

I work in Spain and in any other country in the world. I am always available and willing to travel.

I perform studies on all kinds of products, brands and production sectors: large consumer, insurance companies, car industry, construction, banking, telecommunications, leisure and free-time sector, NGOs, engineering, tourism, energy, social and politics, etc. In recent years I have focused on medical research and healthcare sector.

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A few of my clients: